ReshaMandi is reviving the respect & dignity for weaver’s art

Weavers are the crucial link in the journey of fibre to fabric, they are the stakeholders of the natural fibres ecosystem transforming fibres into the ultimate product.

Handloom weaving is one of the oldest and greatest cottage industries in India. Indian handlooms are renowned for their unparalleled charm and variety. The weaving industry provides employment to numerous people.

With every state of our country having a unique woven fabric, India holds a rich handloom heritage. The advent of synthetic fabrics and the flooding of markets with spurious quality fabrics have deeply impacted the traditional weaving sector. ReshaMandi is restoring age-old crafts, creating various avenues of livelihood for weavers, craftsmen and empowering them. 

Problems affecting the weavers

The traditional weaving sector has a huge potential to support the livelihoods of several weavers. However, problems affecting this sector have affected fabric production and also the quality of fabrics that are produced. To name a few

  • Unavailability of raw materials
  • Inadequate market linkages
  • Lack of access to scientifically graded yarn
  • Meager knowledge about the latest trends 
  • Negligible connectivity with the customer base

ReshaMandi eases out processes for weavers

ReshaMandi is removing obstacles and assuring seamless raw materials supply, and better market linkages that pave way for better profit margins. ReshaMandi is positively impacting the lives of numerous weavers by offering tech-enabled solutions to their problems.

The ReshaMandi edge- We bring more! More profitability and convenience

  •  ReshaMandi super-app 

           -Direct delivery of yarn at fair prices

  • Quality assured yarn at

           -Scientifically graded yarn for better fabric output

  • Better control on pricing via yarn grading
  • Catalog creation on app

          -Weavers can create a product catalog of their fabrics and display it to numerous retailers across the country

  • Optimizing market linkages

          -Connecting weavers directly with business houses and numerous retailers across the country via ReshaMandi app

  • Market analysis & Guidance to understand market trends

          -Guidance about the latest fashion trends from the in-house design team for a better understanding of the market

  • Weavers can sell their products to ReshaMandi for good prices
  • Online payments
  • Financial assistance to grow their business

ReshaMandi is championing weavers

Install ReshaMandi app, and log in as a weaver to avail of all these benefits

Weavers App FAQ

How to create your profile and complete KYC on the ReshaMandi app?

Step 1: Enter your mobile phone number and log in to your ReshaMandi app


Step 2 : Enter the OTP you receive on your mobile phone

Step 4: Select the language of your choice

Step 4 : Select weaver profile


Step 5: Click on Verify KYC document

Step 6: Upload your identity proof

PAN/Adhar/Passport/ DL/ Voter ID



Step 7: You have successfully completed your profile

How to raise PO to buy yarn

Looking for good – quality yarn? Source scientifically graded yarn to weave the best quality fabrics

Go to home page of ReshaMandi app and click on BUY SILK YARN

Choose the yarn of your choice and click on add

Enter the quantity

Click on book

Click on create PO to submit your order

High- quality is on the way!

How to upload catalogue

Want to connect with retailers across India?

Upload your product catalogue and display products

Go to the home page and click on build my catalogue

Click on add button

Select the product you want to upload & click on continue

Select fabric type & click on add

Select colours & click on add

Select category & click on add

Select type & click on add

Click three images of your product and upload

Enter price and other details of your product and click on submit

You have successfully created your catalogue!

How to avail ReshaMudra credit assistance

Avail ReshaMudra credit assistance and grow your business 

Go to home page, click on ReshaMudra 

Click on Buy now pay later

ReshaMudra will call you to process your requirement

''Now I don't have to go 120 kms to sell my cocoons & waste all the time, leaving family behind.''
Kallama, Silk Farmer Sarjapur, Bangalore, Karnataka
Kallamma a ReshaMandi Silk farmer
''Because of CORONA mandi was closed & my produce was almost wasted. Thank you to Reshamandi for buying it at good price and saving me''
Sommshekhara A S, Sericulturist Alibommasandra, Karnataka
A Happy Silk Farmer at ReshaMandi
''You are giving me predictable supply of cocoon which is needed for me to run my business. Less worry, good prices, what more can I ask'
Khalil Ahmed, MNAR Silk Reelers Ramnagara, Karnataka
ReshaMandi Yarn | Silk Weavers
''Reshamandi is helping me sell my produce at good rate & now with IoT, they are helping me increase my produce. I'm sure I'll get 10% more cocoons than my brother this time.''
Srinivas Reddy, Silk Farmer Muthanallur, Bangalore
ReshaSaathi Rearing Shed IoT Device | ReshaMandi

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