How Technology Weaves A Stronger Silk Supply Chain


Making “Digital India” has been the talk of the town, in an environment where everyone has a smartphone, Digital India is yet to reach many domains, sericulture is one such industry. ReshaMandi’s effort towards making Digital India happen has not only paid off well in the lockdown of 2nd wave of Covid, but the tremendous help they’ve been providing to every stakeholder is also taking Sericulture as an industry to the next level. 

The way ReshaMandi has been bringing Tech into Sericulture is not only by App implementation for trading cocoons and buying inputs but also at the farming level, ReshaMandi offers two IoT devices, one to monitor the soil’s carbon and moisture content, and the other to maintain ideal air quality, temperature and humidity levels in the rearing shed. While the app is free to use, the devices are available on a monthly subscription.

The devices are connected with an app installed on a farmer’s smartphone (for Android 5.0 and up). The in-house developed app is available on Google Play Store as ‘ReshaMandi, The New Silk Route’. Sensors installed in the field and rearing sheds enable ReshaMandi to send textual advice through the phone, with follow-up calls if required.

This has enabled farmers to monitor the environment of their Chawki rearing centers, rearing sheds, and mulberry farms virtually and maintain the ideal parameters by making changes as and when required.

Read more to know more about how ReshaMandi’s technology is helping farmers and other stakeholders of the sericulture industry on The Hindu.

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