Certifications and Associations of ReshaMandi

Silk Mark

Carpet Export Promotion Council

Federation of Indian Export Organisations

Scope Certificate Global Organic Textile

Export Promotion for Council Handicrafts

Better Cotton Initiative

The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Government E Marketplace

Scope Certificate Organic Content Standard

Government of India Ministry of Commerce and Industry Directorate General of Foreign Trade

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We take pride in what we do for #sericulture, #silk, & #naturalfibre community!
''Now I don't have to go 120 kms to sell my cocoons & waste all the time, leaving family behind.''
Kallama, Silk Farmer Sarjapur, Bangalore, Karnataka
Kallamma a ReshaMandi Silk farmer
''Because of CORONA mandi was closed & my produce was almost wasted. Thank you to Reshamandi for buying it at good price and saving me''
Sommshekhara A S, Sericulturist Alibommasandra, Karnataka
A Happy Silk Farmer at ReshaMandi
''You are giving me predictable supply of cocoon which is needed for me to run my business. Less worry, good prices, what more can I ask'
Khalil Ahmed, MNAR Silk Reelers Ramnagara, Karnataka
ReshaMandi Yarn | Silk Weavers
''Reshamandi is helping me sell my produce at good rate & now with IoT, they are helping me increase my produce. I'm sure I'll get 10% more cocoons than my brother this time.''
Srinivas Reddy, Silk Farmer Muthanallur, Bangalore
ReshaSaathi Rearing Shed IoT Device | ReshaMandi